About Us

Woman’s Imaging Centre

Our Woman’s imaging centre provides patients with a warm, welcoming environment.

With the latest technology in mammography at our disposal, we can provide 3D mammography with up to 65% more accuracy compared to previous 2D systems. Alongside the mammography, we have introduced a state of the art Bone Density unit for early detection of osteoporosis.

Shorter Waiting Periods

Keeping up with higher patient numbers and the latest technology, our fully digital X-ray system ensures high-quality imaging and shorter waiting periods for the patient and referring doctors.

Ultrasound Service

The ultrasound department provides imaging with the latest ultrasound technology. We are excited to announce the 3D/4D/5D pregnancy ultrasound service.
AR Diagnostics is situated at Cormed Clinic in Vanderbijlpark. We at AR Diagnostics take pride in our personalized care. As a majority female staffed department we pay attention to detail.


Our mission is to be recognized as a leading world-class radiology practice providing a high-quality radiology service efficiently and effectively.


We strive to deliver excellent patient care and make every patient feel cared for on an individual basis.