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CT Scans

The new CT scan to provide fast and reproducible result with minimal effort. 
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Our New MRI with extra-large Open Bore accommodates patients of all sizes and is perfect for those who get anxious during an MRI.
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X-rays make use of radiation to create a diagnostic image of anatomy. Our x-ray department consists of General X-rays, Ultrasounds and soon Ct’s and MRI scans.


Mammograms are used as a screening tool for early detection of breast cancer. The latest technology allows for shorter compression times. Tomosynthesis enables multiple images to be obtained within this short time span.

Bone Density

Bone Density

A bone density scan makes use of X-rays to measure calcium density of bone. This aids in early detection of osteoporosis.


Ultrasound use high frequency sound waves to form images of internal organs for diagnostic purposes. It is a minimally invasive study with no harmful radiation.

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